Comparing Negative and Positive Self Esteem

Negative Self Esteem

• Blaming others for problems

• Looking suspiciously at compliments

• Holding on to guilt from the past

• Nagging, judging, and controlling

• Letting oneself go physically

• Making decisions based on external feedback

• Avoiding risks, sticking with the unknown

• Ridiculing others when they appear foolish

• Seeing mistakes as failures, expecting perfection in others

• Not dealing well with criticism, becoming angry and defensive

Positive Self Esteem

• Taking responsibility for one’s own feelings and actions

• Giving and taking compliments graciously

• Focused on the present and future while learning from the past

• Listening openly to others

• Taking good care of body and appearance

• Making decisions from internal values

• Taking risks and challenging oneself

• Laughing at oneself, but never putting another person down

• Accepting mistakes as a part of life, open to feedback

• Listening to criticism without anger, and not necessarily agreeing with the criticism